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Life Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Life Insurance

Even though everyone alive should carry life insurance, it continues to be one of the most under-purchased insurance products available in the United States today. If you died tomorrow, how would your family pay for your funeral? Would your spouse be able to continue paying the mortgage, the car payment and other basic bills? If you don’t know, it’s time to consider life insurance from Hometown Insurance Agency.

The Right Life Insurance for You

Everyone’s circumstances are different. A young college student doesn’t need as much life insurance as a middle-aged primary wage-earner with three children at home. A couple facing retirement in a few years may want to switch from term life insurance to whole life coverage, but will that be possible? Your Hometown Insurance Agency agent can help. We encourage our customers to regularly review life insurance coverage. Because life changes, you need to make sure your insurance policy keeps up with you and your family.

In addition to regular policy reviews, Hometown Insurance Agency recommends that all life insurance customers get a policy review when facing a significant life change. These changes include

  • A change in marital status
  • The addition of a new family member
  • Taking responsibility for an aging family member
  • Losing a job
  • Getting a new job
  • Starting or significantly growing your own business
  • Becoming disabled
  • Having a child leave for college
  • Retirement

Policy Types

Many of our customers have questions about the various types of life insurance. While there are other variations within them, the two primary types are

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance

Term life policies are good for a set period of time or “term.” The policy will pay out only if the insured dies during the set term. Whole life policies, although generally more expensive than term life policies, will pay out at the time of death as long as the conditions of the policy are met.

When was the last time you and your spouse reviewed your life insurance policies? Do you even have policies for both of you? Contact Hometown Insurance Agency today and learn how we can help you protect your family’s future.