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Disability Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Personal Ancillary Insurance

Hometown Insurance Agency works with many individuals and families in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Arizona to provide protection and security through insurance products. In addition to home and auto insurance, we also provide a full menu of ancillary insurance options to protect your family and your pocketbook in the event of illness or tragedy.

Accident Insurance

How would your family survive and get the bills paid if you or another family member were seriously injured in some sort of accident? Often, health insurance has fees and limits that can leave accident victims with high out-of-pocket costs for ambulance charges and emergency room services. Surgeries, hospital stays, recuperation expenses and follow-up care can cost a pretty penny. Be prepared with an accident insurance policy from Hometown Insurance Agency.

Cancer Insurance

Many families who battle cancer also face extraordinary financial strain. Ordinary health insurance isn’t enough to pay the costs of cancer treatment. Protect your family today from the financial hardships associated with a cancer diagnosis. Call Hometown Insurance Agency today to learn more.

Dental Insurance

Did you know that 1 million hours of school absences every year in the U.S. are associated with dental issues? Many of these issues can be avoided with proper dental care. Protect your family and save money with an affordable dental insurance policy from Hometown Insurance Agency.

Critical Illness Insurance

Unmanageable medical bills continue to be the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States today. Fortunately, you can avoid or decrease many possible medical fees by supplementing your healthcare coverage with critical illness insurance for yourself and your family. Contact Hometown Insurance Agency to learn more.

Disability Coverage

If you became temporarily or permanently disabled, how would your family survive? Consider a disability insurance policy from Hometown Insurance Agency. In the event that you are unable to work due to a covered accident or illness, disability insurance will help your family pay for basic living expenses. Contact us today for more information.