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Farm Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Hometown Insurance Agency understands the unique concerns and insurance needs of farms and ranches throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Arizona. We also work closely with agribusiness in Colorado. Whether you operate a commercial farm or have recently taken up urban farming, our knowledgeable insurance professionals can help you with solutions for protecting your farm, livestock, equipment, crops and agriculture-based income.

FCIC and Your Agribusiness

Most farmers and ranchers are familiar with federally sponsored insurance options through FCIC. Participation in this government program, while no longer mandatory, can often provide much-needed protection and support for agribusinesses. Your Hometown Insurance Agency agent will be happy to help you determine whether participation in FCIC is right for your organization. We can also provide companion products designed to enhance FCIC participation.

Customizable Farm and Ranch Insurance Packages

At Hometown Insurance Agency, we understand that every agribusiness has a different set of needs, concerns and risks. We take the time to get to know each of our agriculture customers, and we don’t offer cookie-cutter insurance packages. Instead, we’ll tailor a package to meet the needs of your organization. We’ll help you determine which insurance products are essential for your farm, ranch or other agribusiness. We even offer a variety of limits and deductible amounts. We have products for

  • Row crops
  • Livestock farms and ranches
  • Dairy farms
  • Urban gardens
  • Organic ventures
  • Orchards
  • Other agribusinesses

Our farm insurance products include general coverage options such as business property insurance as well as industry-specific products. Some of the most common insurance policies for local farms and ranches include

  • Livestock mortality coverage
  • Crop insurance
  • Farm vehicle insurance
  • Farm dwelling coverage
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Pesticide liability coverage

Farmers and ranchers work hard to feed America. You need someone to watch your back when the going gets tough. Reach out today to Hometown Insurance Agency for help with insurance. We’ll help protect you from risks so you can focus on the work you enjoy.