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Crop Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Crop Insurance

Farmers throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Arizona take advantage of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation to help minimize the risks of agricultural endeavors. As an independent insurance agency, Hometown Insurance Agency works with farmers to provide FCIC coverage as well as additional crop protection. Policies we write include coverage for

  • Orchards
  • Commercial row-crop farms
  • Urban gardens
  • Truck farms
  • Organic growers
  • Hobby farms

FCIC and Your Agribusiness

FCIC, a government cooperation with insurance providers, offers multi-peril crop insurance as a safety net for farmers. This risk-management tool can be purchased by farmers and other growers for protection against natural disasters that threaten cash crops. Additionally, the coverage may include loss of revenue in the event of significant price declines. Although federally supported and regulated, FCIC products are sold by insurance agents like the ones at Hometown Insurance Agency. Since 1996, FCIC participation is no longer mandatory for agricultural businesses. However, it remains one of the most powerful risk-management tools available to farms and orchards.

Other Crop Insurance Options

Crop hail insurance may also be of benefit to your agribusiness. This form of crop insurance is not part of FCIC but is sold through agencies such as Hometown Insurance Agency and regulated by state insurance departments. A crop hail policy often helps tremendously in areas of the country where hail is common. This particular natural disaster has been known to wipe out entire portions of a field while leaving other portions intact. This makes it most popular for farms growing high-yield crops.

Whether you operate a commercial farm on the Great Plains or a small urban farm in Dallas or Fort Worth, you need some form of crop insurance. Don’t wait to put a risk-management plan in place for your agribusiness. Contact Hometown Insurance Agency today to learn more about crop insurance options. You work to feed America. Let us work to protect your interests.