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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you do business in a major metropolitan area such as Oklahoma City, Dallas or Denver or own a business in a smaller community, you probably need commercial property insurance. This coverage protects your business against damage to buildings or loss of business personal property in a variety of cases. Hometown Insurance Agency works with businesses of all types and sizes to provide commercial property insurance with affordable premiums and realistic coverage.

Business Property Coverage

Most general business property policies protect against loss or damages due to vandalism, theft, fire, wind and hail. Some exclusions apply, but Hometown Insurance Agency has policy options that can help fill in coverage gaps. In addition to a standard commercial property policy, you may wish to carry

  • Flood insurance to protect your business from loss due to flood and water damage
  • Earthquake and landslide insurance to pay for damages due to shifting earth
  • Business interruption coverage to protect your business from severe loss of income should a covered event result in closure or serious loss of business
  • Electronic data processing (EDP) insurance to protect computers, servers, networks and other electronics not covered under a standard business property policy (may also include data protection for information stored in the cloud)

Customized Commercial Policies

Hometown Insurance Agency understands that no two businesses are exactly alike. If your company leases a large amount of equipment, you will need different types of coverage from businesses that own their equipment. Businesses with little business personal property can carry lower limits while companies that stock a lot of expensive inventory will need higher limits. Your Hometown Insurance Agency agent will be happy to help you identify viable insurance options for your organization.

At Hometown Insurance Agency, we understand insurance, and we leave other things to the experts in other fields. When you need help protecting your business, you can turn to us. Then get back to the business you know best. Things tend to work out better when jobs are left to the professionals.